Caitlyn Jenner Returns To 'Sports Illustrated,' 40 Years Later

"Caitlyn Jenner as you know her now. Bruce Jenner as you never knew him then."

By Eric Shorey

It's hard to imagine just how much of a cultural icon Bruce Jenner was 40 years ago: a symbol of American masculinity and acheivement, Bruce had conquered the world. Now, literally decades later, Caitlyn Jenner has emerged to reclaim the Sports Illustrated cover that once established her as a legend.

Sporting her gold metal from the 1976 Olympic games for the first time in 40 years, Caitlyn a sequined jumpsuit to match her prestigious prize. "Caitlyn Jenner as you know her now. Bruce Jenner as you never knew him then," reads the cover's tagline.

"It's a picture that brings attention to this issue," Jenner told SI. "That's the important thing. That's why I wore the medal."

Inside the issue and hosted online is an in-depth feature on the transgender athlete, which investigates the cultural impact of her coming out. Sports Illustrated also created a mini-doc to celebrate the anniversary of Caitlyn's win:

"You know what [this gold medal is] good for? Show and tell. It was a big hit at show and tell with all the kids growing up," says Jenner in the video.

You can read the full Sports Illustrated profile over here.

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