Celebrate National Puppy Day With These Famous Instagram Dogs

Warning: Cuteness overload

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Happy National Puppy Day! In the never-ending list of made-up holidays, this is one of our favorites. Because no one can resist the furry cuteness of puppies, here are seven Instagram famous pups you need to awww over right now.



Boo has melted hearts with his smile and fluffy hair for years. This Teddy Bear Pomeranian is also a businessman-- he has his own stuffed toy and series of books.



What's the dog version of a power couple? Boo's roommate Buddy has become a star in his own right.



This lopsided Shih Tzu has more famous friends than you.


A photo posted by jiff (@jiffpom) on


Jiff is a pomeranian with his own manager. He's been on red carpets and hangs with celebs and Instafamous stars on the regular.



What happens when you cross a Chihuahua and the Dachshund? A dog with major attitude.



This smushy-faced French Bulldog packs a lot of cuteness in a small package.


Mishka the Husky is more than a pretty face. She's gained fame for talking. Okay, it's more of a weird wail but millions of people love it.

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