Celebrities In Ramen Is The Delicious New Instagram You Need To Follow

If you love food and love celebrities, Celebrities In Ramen is just the thing you need. 

By Kat George

Sometimes the Internet offers up delicious little tidbits like this Celebrities In Ramen Instagram. It's not world news or some amazing scientific revelation, but hey, weird makes the world go round, right? It's the little things like knowing there's someone out there with the time (or making the time), motivation, and imagination to photoshop celebrities into bowls of ramen that makes life just a little bit more fun.


Including favorites like Drake, Beyonce and Taylor Swift, celebrities in ramen will make your mouth water for noodles, broth, and your favorite celebs. The best part is when the celebrities are posed as if they're actually in the bowl of ramen, like Camen Electra luxuriating in some broth, or Chris Pratt chest deep in noodles. There are even some hilarious made-up origins stories in the captions, like Donald Trump calling his ramen "war juice." Here are some of the best ones:


1. Taylor Swift



2. Justin Timberlake



3. Queen Bey



4. Carmen Electra



5. Adele



6. Rihanna



7. Idris Elba



8. Rashida Jones




9. Daniel Craig



10. Donald Trump


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