Cheetos Revealed Its Own Jewelry--And It's Really Expensive

Want to cover your fingers in orange bling?

Cheetos are the snacks known for being crunchy and salty, and leaving your fingers covered in delicious, orange cheese powder. The brand behind Cheetos is going high-end this holiday season, swapping vending machine treats for an expensive jewelry set worth $20,000!

The Chestora Collection features 18-karat gold earrings and a matching ring. According to Mashableit's very exclusive and there's only one set being sold on the Cheetos website. "Despite all the options that are out there, a lot of times the gifts that we give can be uninspired and run of mill," Ryan Matiyow, Senior Director of Marketing at Cheetos said. "This year, we sought to change that by creating a collection of truly unique items that really deliver against the playful and fun personality of the Cheetos brand across a variety of categories, including jewelry."

The set looks pretty stunning, with over 190 black and white diamonds and orange sapphires plus little black accents that are a nod to the snack's Chester the Cheetah mascot. A ghost designer from the Fort Worth, Texas area created the pieces.

In case you don't have $20,000 to shell out for Cheetos bling, the brand has other holiday gifts like Cheeteau Perfume, Chester Cheetah’s Cheesy Cufflinks and Colour de Cheetos Bronzer.

[Photo: Cheetos]

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