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Chicago Woman Goes On Sex Strike To End Gun Violence In Chicago

You can thank Spike Lee for inspiring this sex strike.

A woman in Chicago has the answer to the city's gun violence problem, and it's in the bedroom. April Lawson, who hails from the South Side of Chicago, has called on single and married women alike to join her in abstaining from sex until the gun violence in Chicago comes to an end.

"Until an official treaty is signed and an actionable plan is in place by all black men who live in this city, I take a vow of celibacy. I vow to refuse sex to any man I’m dating, engaged to or married to until the perpetrators of these heinous crimes are brought to justice," her Change.org petition begins. According to the Chicago Tribune, over 2,500 individuals have been victims of gun violence in Chicago this year alone.

"I’m done marching. I’m fed up with chanting catchy slogans like, 'Black lives matter.' My silent protest to fight this battle is by keeping my panties up and my skirt down, one day at a time. My legs are closed to you," Lawson wrote in an open letter to Chicago's black men posted on her petition page.

If this concept sounds familiar, then you've probably seen the trailer for Spike Lee's upcoming film Chi-Raq, which centers around women in the community who go on a sex strike to put an end to gun violence in their city. So far, Lawson's petition only has 73 supporters, but since Spike Lee just gave her a shout-out on Instagram, who knows? Maybe that number will grow.

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