Chris Brown And Soulja Boy Are Looking To Fight In Another Country

It's just too messy for the States.

By Aimée Lutkin

An online spat between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy over Karrueche Tran evolved into real life altercations on the streets of Compton, which was followed by even more celebrities getting involved. Now, 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather are backing these two idiots in their quest to smack each other on TV.

Mayweather announced a fight between Brown and Soulja on Instagram, but he probably did it before really checking in with the logistics. According to TMZ, setting up a Pay-Per-View event in Las Vegas is actually pretty hard! There are a lot of rules and regulations, even for amateur fights, including a mandatory drug test. I’m not saying that Chris Brown and Soulja Boy do drugs but were I in their position, I probably would.

Now the guys are supposedly looking for a place to fight with, shall we say, a more casual approach to entertainment. How about Dubai? Yup, that’s where their sights are allegedly set for the match. TMZ says there’s some talk of it being a charity fight, but Dubai is not where you go to have a charity Fight Club situation aired on TV. It’s where you go to die in the desert.

But at least there are no drug tests.

[Photo: Getty]

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