Chris Brown Booted From Daily Show Guest Roster

Staffers were "split" over his appearance, and he was eventually replaced with Nick Cannon.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt
Chris Brown is having a pretty crappy week, and it's only Wednesday. The singer's Australia and New Zealand tour was cancelled yesterday, after Australian government denied his visa due to his past assault charges. That same day Chris was scheduled to appear on The Daily Show, according to a schedule posted online the previous week, but the show's Instagram account announced hours before showtime that Nick Cannon would be the guest. No mention was made of Brown, leaving folks to wonder just what had happened. 
Well, they didn't have to wonder too hard. Despite his efforts to turn over a new leaf, it's no secret that Chris isn't the most well-liked man in the entertainment industry. The Daily Beast reports that Daily Show staffers were "split" over the idea of CB visiting the show. It's been six years since the "Fine By Me" singer was convicted of felony assault against his then-girlfriend Rihanna, but since then he's made headlines for minor assaults and temper tantrums.
According to the DB's sources, Daily Show host Trevor Noah hoped to use the interview with Brown to shed light on the realities of domestic abuse. It's a topic about which Noah knows more than most: his ex-stepfather was abusive towards his mother, at one point even shooting her in the face and threatening Noah's own life. 
Despite Noah's experience with domestic violence, sources claim there was considerable doubt among the staff over whether he has what it takes to conduct an interview on such a controversial topic, pointing to as proof tasteless jokes the comedian made via Twitter some years ago. "Today because of allergies, I woke up and my face was puffy and swollen- I looked like I was in the car with Chris Brown," he tweeted back in 2009.
Yikes. Not a good look, boo.
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