Chris Brown Clapped Back Hard At A Fan On Instagram (But Then Apologized)

You won't believe what started it.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

One unsuspecting fan got more than she bargained for after posting her thoughts about an upcoming Chris Brown concert, The Shade Room reports.

The fan was worried about whether or not she'd be able to see the show from her seat and wrote on Insta, "Praying that the tickets I got I'll be able to see Chris and the stage, 'cause I know everyone is complaining about the stage being too high."

Seems like a harmless enough comment, right? Well, she tagged Chris in the post and he had some fairly straightforward advice for her, writing in response, "Buy your tickets in a better spot instead of complaining like a lame."


Chris's comment received a ton of backlash but he stood behind his words in a later Instagram comment.

"For a bunch of trolls that don't like my music or what I stand for, Y'ALL sure do stay on my meat and spend the same time arguing on comments I make or the defense of them," he wrote. "I know y'all sad about what's wrong with the world but I'm almost certain you are doing nothing to help your family, community, or yourselves because you're consumed by CHRIS BROWN."


But here's a plot twist: Chris later offered an apology to the fan.

"Well I apologize because I remember you and I commented under the complaint I read. As fans, Y'ALL don't realize that you don't help the issue by tagging me with your fears," he wrote. "You guys often speak for me or put things out there that are false or unnecessary and I'm wrong if I say something."

"This is not directed at you because once again I apologize," he continued. "TEAM BREEZY NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND WHAT 'TEAM' MEANS. Hope u have fun at the show."

The bottom line? "I really just was pissed at everyone complaining when I'm busting my Azz. That's it," Chris wrote. 

Take a look at his response, in full, below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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