Chris Brown Getting Sued For Stealing Street Art Logo

By Eric Shorey

Perpetual talented horrible person Chris Brown has reached a new level on his quest to be the most horrible person in all the land. It seems that C. Breezy had mopped the tag of decently recognized street artist pseudonymously known as Konfused (real name: Andre Khazrei). Now, the graffitist is taking legal action against the performer, claiming that the Konfused tag and persona had existed long before Brown's clothing label of the same name.

Here's a snapshot of what the tag looks like in the wild from Konfused's instagram:

Konfused (with an S) is alleging that he been tagging walls and singing paintings since 2003. The visual artist went as far as getting a trademark for the logo back then, with the eventual plan of selling t-shirts and other assorted merch. It seems that Breezy's Konfuzed (with a Z) label almost directly lifts the design of the tag. Konfused (with an S) hopes to reclaim the iconography in court, with a suit claiming that the confusion is dampening his brand.

The most damning piece of evidence in the case: Brown had accidentally signed a painting in L.A. using the original spelling of the tag, suggesting that he was at least dimly aware of the pre-existing artist.

Seems pretty lame that Brown, already essentially drowning in money, couldn't have gotten someone to come up with an original logo. Just let the street artist live!

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