Chris Brown Was Fired From A Vegas Gig After Calling Club Racist

But he'll probably pack the next club that hires him anyway.

By Eric Shorey

We all learned at a very early age not to badmouth our employers in public. But perpetual misbehaving teen Chris Brown seems to have not gotten that particular lesson. After calling Las Vegas club Drai "racist," Brown was let go as an entertainer at the venue. That'll teach him! (No, probably not.)

Breezy and his employer Drai have had a rocky relationship for a while, but an inflammatory (and since deleted) Instagram post seems to have sparked the latest bit of trouble. Here's a screenshot of the post via TMZ:

According to TMZ, Brown refused to apologize for the post. On top of that, Drai claimed that Chris' recent behavior has "garnered negative public attention" causing concern among the performance space's management. Although unspecific, it's not hard to figure out what "recent behavior" the club was referring to.

This all resulted in Brown getting fired from the gig.

Fortunately or unfortunately, this probably isn't that much of a problem in Chris' world. He'll probably cotinue to pack whatever club snatches him up. That is, until they too fire him for some other reason. 

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