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Chris Brown's Neighbor Hilariously Filmed Him Disrupting The Neighborhood

It's a complicated relationship.

Being Chris Brown’s neighbor sounds like hell on earth. Except for the fact that you probably live in a mansion and are hella rich. But! Imagine you somehow manage to be that rich and buy a big beautiful house somewhere in the hills and then realize the guy next door has his house surrounded by the LAPD, helicopters are flying overhead, and you turn on the news and see your own front lawn peeping into the media coverage of Brown’s latest exploit. Then the next day, when things are all cleared up, he rolls out the ATV and goes vroom vrooming through the streets.

TMZ shared videos made by one of Brown’s pissed off neighbors in which he’s popping wheelies on his ATV and revving the engine throughout the residential neighborhood. An ATV is like an even more annoying motorcycle.

In Brown’s defense, this lady seems to be chasing him in her car, just so she can yell to herself about it. If I lived next door to Chris Brown and he rolled out on his ATV, I’d be like, “Phew, a half an hour break, I’m taking a nap.” There’s absolutely no need to run after that noise.

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