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Chris Rock's Comedy Special Is No Longer Welcome Aboard Delta Airlines

Look how far we've come in just eight years.

Chris Rock’s comedy special Kill The Messenger is of a different era. Not really different enough to justify long segments about your right to use homophobic slurs, but different enough that at that time, no one really said anything. But times have changed since 2008, whether you think for better or for worse, and now that old nugget is being dug out of the ground and exposed to light again.

A Grindr employee named Jeremy Foreshew was flying on Delta when he noticed that the special was being offered as in-flight entertainment. Aware of its content, he was curious how Delta would deal with it.

The company has lately come under fire for their pick-and-choose style of censorship that tends to err on the homophobic side. For example, they edited out all the kissing scenes from lesbian love story Carol. Foreshew used to work for a company that sold entertainment packages to airlines, so I suppose he is especially attuned to such nuances—not that someone saying the F-word a million times is particularly nuanced. Low and behold, none of that material was edited out. This may not be the exact segment, but here’s an example of some of what Chris Rock has to say on the subject:

In a statement, Delta wrote, “We apologize to any customers who were offended by the content or our airing of the segment, and we are working as quickly as possible to remove it from our aircraft… Our commitment to inclusion and respect of all customers is rooted in Delta’s values and culture, and we proudly embrace diverse people, thinking and styles.”

Of his complaint, Foreshew said, “Having come from being with all these activists, knowing the current state of violence against the LGBT community, and knowing the current political climate… I just came to a place where I couldn’t believe this was something happening in 2016… When you think of the number of people who fly Delta every day and have access to that language… it just shocked me.”

The skies are safe once more.

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