Ciara's Lawyer Blasts Future's Parenting Skills

According to Ciara's camp, their son's clothes were often returned smelling like weed and urine.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

It looks like the battle between exes Ciara and Future has been heating up. Future has been dissing the mother of his child in the media so often you'd think he was getting paid for it, and as a result Ciara has sought legal action against him, suing Future for 15 million dollars for defamation, slander, and libel.

In a leaked email thread between each party's lawyer, Ciara's attorney claims that Future Jr.'s coat has been returned to his mother smelling like smoke, while his clothes have come back smelling like urine, multiple times. And that's only the beginning.

"It sounds like maybe you are of the opinion that it is okay to air parenting frustration on a social media forum," reads an email. "Ms. Harris has been equally as frustrated but she has not posted anything negative about Mr. Wilburn to her six million Twitter followers about how he refuses to agree to mutual random drug tests."

"She hasn't posted anything negative about Mr. Wilburn to her 9.8 million Instagram followers about how he asks for parenting time when he is booked to perform out of state or out of the country. In fact, she has asked to keep these matters private for the sake of the minor child, and Mr. Wilburn has refused," the e-mail continued. "It is not in the child's best interests, no matter how frustrated his famous parents are or how you spin it, for parents to post negative comments about each other on social media. Calling Ms. Harris a 'b***h' on Twitter was so insulting and disrespectful."

"Further, Mr. Wilburn said the "f***ery' for 15k per month." He doesn't pay Ms. Harris $15k per month. But that was said to put her in a negative light. And I still don't know what 'f***ery' means, although I would say doing an interview calling Ms. Harris 'evil' or calling her a 'b***h' on Twitter might qualify as 'f***ery.'"

Who else is loving how sassy Ciara's lawyer is? She really went in on Future, but if you ask me, it's long overdue.

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