#CivilRightsTwitter Imagines Activists On Twitter In The '60s

Who would have had more followers, Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt
Would Malcolm X have posted thirst traps? Would Rosa Parks have been the type to subtweet someone and throw major shade? Would MLK Jr. and Malcolm X's Twitter beef have put Drake and Meek Mill to shame?
The hashtag #CivilRightsTwitter imagines what it would have been like if Twitter had been around during the Civil Rights era, and the results were not only hilarious, but surprisingly poignant at times. Check out some of our faves below.

1. .

2. . When Twitter brings the truth:

3. . MLK Jr. would totally be a peacemaker, even online.

4. . Accurate:

5. . Pure perfection:

6. . This is too much:

7. . The sunglasses though:

8. . MLK Jr. wasn't playing around:

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