Claire Barrow Debuts Latest Genderqueer Clothing Line

“The question is always, ‘Is it fashion or art?’”

By Eric Shorey

It's 2016 and gender is over. While LGBTQs in the fashion world have been doing a great job of queering a traditionally normative industry, most designers are still releasing lines relegated to one gender or another. British designer Claire Barrow is challenging the traditions of the fashion industry by releasing haind painted avant-garde pieces meant to be worn by any and all genders.

Mixing goth, folk, hippie, and punk aesthetics, the new line is also being released outside of the typical fashion seasonal cycle. Carried by US retailer H. Lorenzo, the looks are being showcased in an edgy commercial, which you can watch below:

“The collection itself was a study of historical dress,” said stylist Haley Wollens to Dazed Digital. “But instead of looking at reference images, I thought about the fashion images I see on Instagram and how they get embedded into my subconscious. So, I designed a collection that mixed multiple time periods at once, rather than just focusing on one, and tried to create something chaotic and modern.”

“The question is always, ‘Is it fashion or art?’” said Barrow. “Everything’s a big mess, but I wanted it to feel like that – very confused, very experimental.”

You can shop the line over here.

[Photo: Screenshot from YouTube]

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