Coco Austin Slammed On Twitter After Saying She Helped Make Big Butts Popular

Ice T's wife says she "paved the way" for thick girls but not everyone agrees.

If you're going to take credit for making something popular, you better have the receipts to back it up. That's the lesson Coco Austin is learning the hard way this week, after one of her Instagram posts led to a barrage of backlash.

Austin, model and wife of rapper/actor Ice-T, took to Instagram earlier this week to post a (rather risqué) throwback photo of herself modeling, explaining at length in the caption what she views as her lasting impact in the modeling world.

"I feel people should know it wasn't easy," she wrote. "I helped pave the way for thick girls during the skinny genre (during the Kate Moss days what they call the waif era) to be noticed as beautiful..this was back before social media when magazines were popping, back before Kim K, Nicki Minaj..( I mention them because young people see pop culture as the history makers but they need to know it started somewhere before them, this was also back before the plastic surgery craze)."

Austin went on to give props to models like Cindy Margolos and Buffie Carruth (also known as Buffie the Body), before talking about her own struggles as a curvy woman in the industry and thanking her fans for supporting her.

"To have booty it was considered to be fat in the modeling world.. But I helped changed the minds of what booty was. Today it's a normal thing to see all different shapes and sizes, no one even thinks about it anymore. I helped history," she continued later. "I don't want to toss it aside like it was nothing... I'd like to think some of my modeling was meaningful... After tons of calendars, DVD's, over 100 magazine covers and editorials, I'm still standing.. Thank you for all years of support. Power to the booty and strong healthy women!"

Coco Austin, Curvy Pioneer? Not everyone was feeling it. If Austin's intent was to empower her followers, it backfired in a major way, because she was roasted on Twitter for her comments.


Yikes. Model and Flavor of Love star Deelishis wasn't feeling Coco's comments either, and made her feelings known in a video uploaded online, TMZ reports.

"Paved the way? Never," she said.

Check out her full rebuttal below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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