Comedians Samantha Bee And John Oliver Take On Anti-Choicers

"How does removing access to health care increase health care?"

By Eric Shorey

The GOP may be struggling to find a candidate which best represents their (often deplorable) views, but that hasn't distracted them from attempting to destroy the rights and safety of sexual minorities, racial minorities, and women! The latest attempt to erode the civil liberties of anyone other than straight white men comes in the form of a series of actions taken against abortion clinics, providers, and researchers.

The same day that the Arizona House passed a bill that will make it easier to bar abortion clinics from public funding through Medicaid in the state, Republicans requested the names of medical researchers involved in fetal tissue research, a move Democrats have decried as a witch hunt that would "make Members of the House possibly 'complicit' in any harm, even murder, that could hypothetically befall the researchers."

If sound arguments, respect for human dignity, or legal maneuvering can't stop conservatives, can humiliation? This is precisely what comedian Samantha Bee attempted in an interview with staunch anti-choice lawmaker Dan Flynn, who repeatedly demonstrated a lack of knowledge about actual abortion procedures:

Similarly, John Oliver took on the new attacks against women's health in a long form segment just last week:

What other comedians can we get in on this? Turns out that they probably end up doing more for the public good than politicians do by making evil people look appropriately stupid. Sarah Silverman? Chelsea Handler? Where my girls at?!


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