Cookie Fries Are A Thing That's Happening In A Restaurant In Walmart

God help us all.

By Aimée Lutkin

You can get all sorts of disgusting, artery clogging treats at the State Fair, and that’s totally fine. The State Fair isn’t year round. Having every item on your dinner plate battered and deep fried should definitely be an experience everyone has at least once, as well as the ensuing stomach cramps as your body comes to grips with what you’ve done to it.

Unfortunately for all our health, a chef named Isaac Rousso has teamed up with Walmart to create a restaurant that serves the most dangerous items on your summer splurge list all year round.

Big Tex reports that the eatery will be tested in Plano, Texas, and if things go well, more and more people in Texas will be able to order treats like fried pop tarts or a smoky bacon margarita. Rousso’s most recent State Fair Treat to win awards is what’s really got me afraid for my life if one of them opens anywhere near my house: Cookie Fries.

They’re both beautiful and delicious and I’m pretty sure Rousso is trying to kill me. Then again, he said: “During the State Fair of Texas, we have the opportunity to serve more than 2 million people during the fair’s 24-day run. At our first Walmart location alone, we’ll have the chance to see 1.5-2 million people per year.”

It sounds a lot more dangerous to serve that many people in 24 days, so maybe it’s an improvement.

[Photo: Twitter]


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