Cosby Accuser Releases Rap Diss Song

"I can guarantee that you'll never make a comeback."

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Chloe Goins' allegations that Bill Cosby assaulted her have been rejected—but that hasn’t stopped her from speaking out. The 25-year-old has recorded and released a rap song dissing Cosby and outlining her alleged abuse.

On "Bill Cosby: Diss Record,” she raps: "Hey Bill, I guess you think you're pretty slick. Making sure you drugged us, thinking that we would forget ya. But we didn't, and now everybody knows." She continues, “You kept on for all these years, too bad for you your victims were women with voices to hear. It's not going away it's time to face the facts, I can guarantee that you'll never make a comeback.” The chorus references allegations that Cosby drugged some of his victims: “What ya gonna do Bill, popping pills on the girls when they come through. What ya gonna do Bill, now the whole world knows what you were up to.”

Chloe is a Las Vegas dancer that accused Cosby of assaulting her at the Playboy Mansion in 2008, reports the Daily Mail. The L.A. District Attorney rejected the charges. TMZ shares that Cosby had an alibi and the statute of limitations on the charges has run out.

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