Dairy Queen Franchise Owner Terminated After Calling Mom The N-Word

"That was the hardest thing. He did it with my children in the back."

By Eric Shorey

The owner of a Dairy Queen franchise in Zion, Illinois is facing serious consequences after allegedly calling a customer the N-word in front of her children. The store owner denied the allegations despite police saying he "proudly" talked about it to them later.

This all went down last week, after customer Deianeira Ford demanded a refund for an order that wasn't complete. The situation went viral after Ford posted about it on Facebook. Her post claimed that when she asked the owner his name, he first said it was "'Bill Clinton'" and then chidingly commented, "'better yet, I'm Donald Trump,'" and told her to go back where she came from. "That was the hardest thing. He did it with my children in the back," said Ford to the Chicago Tribune.

"[He] boastfully told me he would be happy to go to jail over the issue and proudly admitted to calling Ford a slur. He added that he is 'fed up with black people,'" reported an officer responding to a complaint.

"It's 99 percent lies. This is blown so far out of proportion it's stupid. Her order was confusing, and I told her, 'Here's your money back,'" countered the owner, who now claims he is being harassed by those who saw Ford's post on social media. "This is so far blown out of proportion." Some are now considering protesting at the store.

Dairy Queen has since issued this response:

It's unclear what will happen with that Dairy Queen location in the future.

[Photo: Wikimedia Commons]

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