Dame Dash Explains His Biggest Problem With Beyoncé's 'Lemonade'

He has a point.

By Aimée Lutkin

Dame Dash is the ex-husband of Rachel Roy, who is allegedly the ex-lover of Jay Z, who is the current husband of one of the biggest celebrities of our time, Beyoncé. Though rumors of infidelity have swirled around Jay Z and Beyoncé for years, the casual fan wasn’t super aware of Roy’s whispered involvement. Then Lemonade came out.

In the song “Sorry,” Beyoncé refers to Jay Z’s other woman, calling her “Becky with the good hair.” Shortly after, Rachel Roy essentially outed herself as Becky on Instagram. She quickly deleted it, but the damage was done. People who didn’t even know who Roy was were flooding her social media accounts with bee emojis and harassing her everywhere. She complained about bullying, particularly the harassment of her kids. Now her ex, Dame Dash, who is also an ex-collaborator of Jay Z’s, is complaining about the same thing.

On an episode of Access Hollywood Live, Dash criticizes all those anonymous trolls bothering his kids, telling hosts Kit Hoover and Arsenio Hall:

“The only issue I had is them putting pressure on my children. And for me it’s the history between me and Jay and me being his partner at the time in Roc-A-Feller and Rocawear and all that and [his] best friend...Of course on a human level, it would bother me.

“The worst disrespect of all time is to disrespect someone’s children... The way I was feeling about it, is that anyone who would harass a child is a coward. I have been in rap for a while but I have never had anyone disrespect my child.”

He also says that he’s waited this long to speak on it because he was dealing with his own feelings about the situation privately, stating, “I didn’t address it until I got to address it professionally...I believe in therapy, and I believe an objective opinion sometimes helps you be a better person.”

It sucks that people are harassing Dash’s kids, but it’s definitely not Beyoncé’s fault. When someone gives you a code name, take it and enjoy your anonymity.

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