Did Chris Brown Annihilate His Ex Nia Guzman In Court?

 Guzman refutes the claims on Instagram.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Are things looking up for Chris Brown? TMZ reports that Brown recently came out on top during a court battle with his daughter's mother, Nia Guzman.

According to their sources, Guzman requested full custody of 2 year-old Royalty, and for Chris to submit to drug tests as well as have his visitation monitored. Allegedly, Guzman also requested that Chris's mother be denied visitation with Royalty as well, but every single request was denied. The judge ruled that their situation would remain the same, with the two sharing joint custody and Chris getting Royalty for 12 days a month.

Initially, the judge also ordered Chris to pay $20K so that Guzman could afford a lawyer, but that was also rescinded. Guzman also allegedly requested an increase in child support from $2,500 a month to nearly $16K, but she withdrew her petition prior to a hearing.

But here's a twist: Guzman took to Instagram yesterday to refute TMZ's claims, writing, "Our court hearings were over with well over five months ago, and yet you put out a one-sided story that was false this morning." And with a similar story written about the court appearance back in May, we have reason to believe she's telling the truth. So, did they go back to court or did TMZ just feel like recycling this story?

See Guzman's full post below.

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