Did Kylie And Tyga Film A Sex Tape Before They Broke Up?

Some sources even claim that Tyga already leaked it on his website. Uh oh.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Is Kylie Jenner all set to follow in her sister Kim's footsteps?

According to Hollywood Life, Kylie filmed some steamy footage with her then-boyfriend Tyga, and now that the two are no longer together, she's begging him to keep their sex tape private.

She might be too late though, as some sources are reporting that Tyga already uploaded an X-rated video of them to his website (the ridiculously-named Tygasworld.com), where it stayed up for 30 minues before being pulled. Though a small handful of Twitter users are claiming to have seen it, it's highly unlikely such a scandalous video could have gone unnoticed by literally everyone else with an internet connection.

Kylie doesn't seem interested in a sex tape being part of her legacy; she and Tyga were offered literally millions of dollars by various porn companies to release an X-rated video, but according to reports, Kylie refused every time. Unfortunately, if Tyga releases their footage anyway, he's essentially taking that choice away from her.

"[Kylie's] sisters and her mom all warned her not to make any sexy tapes, but she couldn't resist," said Hollywood Life's source. "Things with her and Tyga were so hot and she totally trusted him. She doesn't think he'd ever do anything that stupid, but you can never say never, it's something she's worried about. She's begged him to erase everything X-rated he has of her but she can't really enforce it. She's praying he won't do anything stupid."

Here's to hoping that Kylie's privacy remains protected and she's not the next Kardashian sister to have to deal with the fallout from a leaked sex tape.


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