Did Kylie Jenner And Tyga Secretly Break Up?

Fans have been noticing something strange about Kylie's social media...

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

If you were going by what you saw on social media, you'd think Kylie Jenner and Tyga do pretty much everything together. They vacation together, workout (and take selfies) at the gym together, and even take showers together (and then release the footage to the public and call it a short film).

But is there trouble in Tyga and Kylie's wonderland? E! News was the first to notice that it's been two weeks since Tyga has been spotted on Kylie's social media posts, and even longer since the two have been spotted out in public together.

Meanwhile, Tyga moved into a new home in the Hollywood Hills last week and though he's reportedly been partying nonstop, sources say, "There's been no sign of Kylie."

Perhaps the most damning evidence comes courtesy of a photo posted on Kylie's Snapchat earlier this week, Elite Daily reports. On Wednesday night, Kylie shared a pic of herself out to dinner with her BFF Jordyn Woods, but suspiciously absent from her ring finger was the promise ring Tyga gave her last year.

This theory is far from proven, but it does make you wonder a bit.

[Photo: Getty Images, Screenshot: Elite Daily]

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