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Did Meek Mill Delete His Instagram Because He Got Roasted To Hell And Back?

You ok, Meek?

Can someone go check on Meek Mill please? It seems like all the Ls he's taken over the last year or so have finally gotten to him, because he's deleted his Instagram account.

At some point between Monday night and Tuesday morning, Meek's account disappeared without warning. (His Twitter is still intact though, in case you're wondering.)

So what gives? Theories have been bouncing all around the internet. Some may remember the verbal beatings Meek took on Insta last week after he uploaded a photo of himself showing off a Louis Vuitton shoulder bag; it wasn't long before the words "man purse" were flung as insults, and it only went downhill from there. Were the comments so harsh that it finally drove Meek to just go "to hell with this social media s**t" and deactivate?

Or is this all just a way to garner more attention for his upcoming album, Dreamchasers 4, as BET suggests? Petty commenters over at The Shade Room have even suggested that Nicki Minaj's twerking video and performance may have caused him to go into hiding, lest he be forced to comment on his girl's um, controversial, dance moves.

Whatever the reason, something tells me he'll be back soon; celebs can never seem to stay away from Instagram for too long, no matter how dramatically they flounce away.

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