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Did Paris Jackson Marry Her Pizza Delivery Guy?

Everyone loves pizza and, by proxy, pizza delivery guys. They bring you pizza! What's not to love! But Paris Jackson might love pizza delivery guys (and, by proxy, pizza) way more than us: in fact she might have married one.

If Page Six is to be believed: Jackson's new boo, Michael Snoddy, may have quit his job slinging Italian comestibles and also maybe moved in with the pop scion. According to unnamed sources (grain of salt), the two may have even adopted a dog and gotten married in secret.

“Michael [Snoddy] quit his job around July and they moved into the house where Michael [Jackson] grew up,” said an insider. “Now they’re trying to do this happy family thing. They refer to themselves as a family a lot.”

Celebrity super sleuths have noticed Snoddy sporting a band around his finger in photos on Instagram:


Some have also noted Snoddy's confederate flag tattoo, which sparked controversy amongst Jackson fans. Snoddy reportedly replied to the criticism, saying "There’s a difference between Southern pride and racism.” YIKES! Maybe find a cooler pizza dude to love, girl. In fact, most pizza dudes are lovable! Because pizza!

Anyway: Snoddy also performed in a band called Street Drum Corps and is totally not just seeing dollar signs in his new girlfriend's eyes. “Michael is not a scummy gold digger,” said another source. “People keep referring to him as a punk because of his hair and look, but he’s a hardworking kid.”

The two are probably now living off of Jackson's $8 million a year allowance, which is a pretty big improvement over whatever meager tips Snoddy was probably getting for adding extra pepperoni or whatever.

[Photo: Instagram]

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