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Did Rob Kardashian Just Throw Some Serious Shade At Kim?

Kim gave birth over the weekend, but Rob posted on Instagram about Kylie instead.

Kim and Kanye welcomed their second child into the world on Saturday, three weeks ahead of schedule. While most of the Kardashian/Jenner clan flocked to show their support for Kim, Kanye, and their newborn nephew, brother Rob was suspiciously silent.
After a sudden weight gain, Rob became something of a recluse in recent years, emerging on social media very rarely. Rob most recently resurfaced on Instagram on Saturday - the same day Kim and Kanye's son was born - not to post an obligatory congrats to his sister and brother-in-law, but instead to promote Kylie's (already sold out) lip kit.
Rob posted a pic of his bulldog posed next to a laptop, posed to look as if he's browsing Kylie's lip kit options. The caption reads "I guess someone is disappointed they didn't get Kylie's lipkit!!!! Don't worry buddy more coming soon!"
The shade seems blatant when you consider that Rob and Kim have always had a rocky relationship. Kim has gone on record calling her brother pathetic, and wasn't shy about sharing her opinion of him and his weight gain on national television. Meanwhile, Rob has compared Kim to the murderous leading lady in Gone Girl and allegedly even went off on her for badmouthing him in her Rolling Stone interview. Clearly, there's no love lost between these two.
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