Did Tyga Just Announce Engagement To Kylie On Snapchat?

Um, congratulations?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Are Tyga and Kylie Jenner going to be walking down the aisle soon? A new video posted to Kylie's Snapchat yesterday seems to suggest as much. In the video, Tyga sits with Kylie's legs wrapped around him, and says to the camera "I don't f*** with nobody. I don't f*** with nobody. It's just me, my fiancee, this little dog I just got. I don't f*** with nobody." Peep the video below.

Referring to someone as your fiancee sends a clear enough message. But is that really what Tyga was getting at? As People.com pointed out, Tyga just seems to be quoting a video that he posted to Instagram earlier today, in which rapper Logic gives an interview and gives a speech similar to the one Tyga gave in his Snapchat vid. In the video Tyga posted, Logic says things like "I don't f*** with nobody." and "It's just me and my homies and my fiancée and my little puppy I just got."

This may be just another publicity stunt designed to keep Kylie and Tyga's names in the headlines. After all, this isn't the first time engagement rumors have swirled around the two. The topic is a tabloid favorite, especially since Kylie likes to be photographed wearing huge engagement rings and then post on Twitter about how she's not getting married any time soon.

This is just run-of-the-mill trolling - you know, in case you needed another reason to sort of resent the Kardashians/Jenners.

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