Dina Lohan Is Thirsty For Grandkids

Fulfilling every stereotype about Long Island moms.

By Eric Shorey

Lindsay Lohan is 29 years old and unmarried, which means it's exactly the time for her mother to start bothering her about getting pregnant, because that's how being from Long Island works. I can picture the dialogue now: "You know, it's dangerous to have a baby after 30!" Dina says as Lindsay rolls her eyes and sips on something that is totally not alcohol.

If TMZ is to be believed, Dina is enthusiastic about Lindsay's new boyf, the nubile Russian real estate prodigy Egor Tarabasov. From the notorious gossip site: "Our Lohan sources tell us she's been telling friends she's anxious for grandkids and thinks Egor's a perfect candidate for fatherhood ... We're told the family's glad Lindsay's finally with someone reliable and not in show biz. If he gets into the baby making biz ... DiLo will have one less thing to bitch about."

Lindsay, do you have any thoughts about this? 

Well, Ok then.

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