DJ Magazine's Top 25 Didn't Include ANY Women

Magazine claims it did want to have tokenism.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Who says dance music is a boys club? DJ Mag. The publication celebrates its 25th anniversary issue with a cover devoted to the pioneers of dance music -- and not one woman is featured.

The cover includes artists like Daft Punk, Jeff Mills, Aphex Twin and Goldie. When asked about the omission of women, the UK publication tried to defend its obvious oversight. "After a painstaking process, we concluded that of the 25 we have chosen none can be refuted and made a conscious decision to avoid tokenism," it said in a statement, per Fader. "We’re wholly aware that — sadly — the dance music industry is — even today — male-dominated and we’ve continually sought to address this balance in the pages of our magazine and via our online channel." 

Sexism is still alive and well. Fans were not happy with the cover and took to social media to share their outrage. "Well clearly you are not pioneers of journalism yourselves. how unimaginative and sexist this list is." said one. "how does it feel to be so far behind the curve that you have to resort to sexist bullshit to get any attention?" added another. Fans demanded to know why pioneers like Bjork were not included. Good question. 

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