Dr. Luke Is Allegedly Releasing Kesha's Private Medical Records To Humiliate Her

Kesha's lawyers say that Luke's team is using “scorched earth litigation tactics” to drain the pop star.

By Eric Shorey

Kesha's ongoing legal nightmare continues. After failing to be released from her contract (and the discovery of mounting evidence that the judges associated with the case had ties to Sony), Kesha must now deal with her alleged abuser, Dr. Luke, attempting to release her private medical records as public information.

Since having to hand over her medical reports (which include gynecological and psychological information), Kesha has asked for " a standard protective order to safeguard" her privacy. Dr. Luke has now denied that request.

Luke's team has stated that Kesha has no right to privacy in these matters because she has been "publicly disclosing details of her alleged medical diagnoses and treatments and putting them at issue in this case, all in an effort to bolster her baseless claims against our clients.”

Kesha's lawyers have replied, saying that Luke is using the records to humiliate the pop star in what is being described as “scorched earth litigation tactics.” Dr. Luke seems to be making it as emotionally difficult and expensive as possible to continue fighting him.

Meanwhile, Kesha is not able to release original music but had toured in August with a new name and band. She has recorded with EDM producer Zed but the status of the music is unclear.

h/t: Jezebel

[Photo: Getty Images]


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