Drake Racks Up Yet More Disses As Meek Mill Feud Continues

Let's call this Bad Boys Club.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

We thought it was over with "Charged Up."  Then came "Back to Back." And then, "Wanna know."  The beef between Drake and Meek Mill continues to rage on. Here's a recap of everything you missed on the latest episode of "Social Media Rap Beefs."

1. Drake was videotaped being smug about obliterating Meek.

In this video of a kickball game on July 31, Drake can be seen throwing major shade at Meek. In addition to the "I haven't taken a loss all week" quip, when he turns around you can see he's wearing a shirt referencing his first diss track, "Charged Up."

 2. Even Drake's clothes are dissing Meek.

While rehearsing for OVO fest on August 3, Drake could be seen wearing a "Free Meek Mill" T-shirt. The shirt references the jail time Meek served in 2014 for violating his parole. Though Drake first wore it in support of the Philly rapper, I think it's safe to say it was worn with different intentions this time around.

3. Drake clowned Meek at OVO Fest.

While performing "Charged Up" and "Back to Back" at OVO fest on August 3, Drake took his beef with Meek even further by displaying various memes making fun of him on a giant screen behind him. Yes, Drake literally sat down and made a Powerpoint presentation dissing Meek, proving that this beef has reached new levels of pettiness (and hilarity).

 4. Drake hinted at a third diss track.

Drake went wild at OVO fest. In the beginning of this video, he can be heard suggesting a third diss track, saying "He don't want the '3 peat'."

4. Kanye West and Will Smith joined in.

Though it's hard to see the phone screen, it's been widely speculated that what Drake, Will Smith, and Kanye West are laughing about is another Meek Mill meme.

5. Meek Mill fired back - kind of.

During Nicki's concert in Charlotte, North Carolina yesterday, Meek took to the stage and dropped a verse dissing Drake. The only thing is, the verse isn't so much a verse as it is a man yelling angrily on stage and then rapping inaudibly.

What will come next? Will we finally get to hear the full version of Drake's third diss track, "3 Peat"? Is Nicki finally going to chime in? We'll be staying tuned.


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