Drake's Dad Insists That Drake And Rihanna Are "Just Friends"

Crush our AubRih dreams, why don't you?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Is AubRih your all-time favorite celebrity couple? Well, Drake's dad is here to rain on your parade.

Sure, Drake may have basically proposed to Rihanna on stage and they may have shown a bit of PDA in Miami and even gotten matching tattoos commemorating their super romantic aquarium date, but Drake's dad just insisted - on camera - that they're only friends.

"They're friends," Dennis Graham said when questioned by TMZ. "They've been friends for years."

When asked if he was happy about his son settling down, Graham responded, "I don't know about settling down. No. They're friends."

"There's no relationship," he said after photographers began to push him on the subject yet again. "They're friends."

Bummer, right? Don't lose all hope just yet though; knowing how hush-hush Drake and Rihanna usually are about their relationship (they still haven't even confirmed it publicly), it's likely that he was sworn to secrecy. 

Are you buying it? Check out the video below.

[Photo: Twitter, Getty Images]



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