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Drake's Dad Released A Music Video And The World Was Not Ready

Drake better watch out.

The next time you think about how smooth Drake is, just remember that he got it from his dad.

Drake's father, Dennis Graham, has finally released the music video to go along with his 2016 single, "Kinda Crazy." You might expect the father of the 6 God to rap, but instead, Dennis is all about those smooth 90's R&B vibes; he spends most of the video singing in a smoke-filled room while wearing a super clean, all-white suit.

You into it or nah? Drake is a clearly a fan of his father's work — both Dennis and his single are featured in the rapper's new ad for Virginia Black Whiskey, which may or may not be the best thing you'll see all day, if for no other reason than Drake's turtleneck/gold chain combo. Check it out below.

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