Drake Has A New Beef To Add To His List Of Haters...But Is It Warranted?

Peter Rosenberg (and the internet) weigh in.

By Aimée Lutkin

Drake can’t seem to turn anywhere without meeting somebody who wants to try and knock him down a peg.

Most people laughed off Meek Mill when he accused the Canadian rapper of not writing his own rhymes. Then people laughed at Joe Budden, too - especially after being chased by Drake fans on camera. And now it seems like Andre 3000 threw some shade Drake’s way on Frank Ocean’s new album.

Drake also made an appearance in Philly, which is Meek Mill’s home turf and allegedly a bunch of Meek’s fans tried to start some sh*t in the parking lot. Everything was fine, but BET reports that things are getting heated on Twitter, because that’s where haters can really let loose.

In this case, it’s Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg, whose Twitter rant was well documented by The Shade Room. Rosenberg seems to be inspired by Drake dissing Meek Mill during his Philly concert, which he supposedly did while performing “Back to Back,” but it went over my head a little:

Rosenberg writes in typical disjointed Twitter style, saying, “Disappointed in @Drake ...someone has you really gassed bro ... dissing hot in NYC, Meek in Philly...youre an actor bro..youre as soft as me...there was NO need for @Drake to reignite things with Meek .. he's always been realer than you..your content is MEANINGLESS...@Drake wouldn't have been the toughest kid in my hebrew school ... stop ... make hits for the club...dont try to be hard please...EVER...and before people start going at me -- let me remind you ... I DONT CARE what DRAKE STANS have to say ... EVER ...I dont hate Drake at all...hes super talented and has taken hip hop to a great place...but trying to be hard and stir things up is LAME...let me explain ... @Drake is a great entertainer.. @MeekMill is a great RAPPER .. with a REAL story ... its not a part..its who he is.”

Looks like #Hot97's #Rosenberg still ain't here for #Drake 😩 #MeekMill

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Part 2: #Rosenberg vs #Drake (view previous post) #Hot97 #JayZ #MeekMill

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Rosenberg might say he doesn’t care what Drake fans think, but he’s definitely getting annoyed by them. He keeps tweeting about loser kids calling him a failure.

Let us all take this as a lesson to not insert ourselves in conversations that are already tired as hell.


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