Everyone Loves The Surprise Queer Character On 'Game of Thrones'

Finally, a change to the books people can get behind.

By Aimée Lutkin

The books and TV show have deviated significantly on several points for Game of Thrones, and though many of those changes are met with criticism by rabid fans of the series, a new development is pleasing many. Asha Greyjoy, sister to Theon, is queer and everyone is psyched. I guess no one watching this show in the first place minds seeing a lady kiss another lady's boobies. The more boobies the better, actually.


On Sunday, Asha and Theon pulled into port for awhile, and you know what that means. Everyone is cutting loose and sexing each other up. Except Theon, for reasons you can guess.

In the books, Asha has a male lover, with no mention of having a girl in every town on the Iron Islands. She may go gay later on, but right now only the TV version shows Asha with a lady.

My favorite thing about her queerness is how casual she is about it. There's nothing big going on as far as she's concerned, and it doesn't mean anything about her character except a little more nuance. Some flavor. Asha's also a total badass, and people are now fantasizing about her taking a more prominent place in the GoT universe. Perhaps by Daenarys' side?


Sorry, but I honestly don't think that'll ever happen. Daenerys actually does have a homosexual relationship of a kind in the books. Her maid pleasures her when she gets horny, which I can't actually see as a consensual loving embrace. There's no possibility of an equal power dynamic between a queen and her servants. Lots of fans also think she'll eventually end up with Jon Snow and the two will band together to save Westeros. Asha could be a pit stop, but she's not the final destination.

The downside to this whole development is that lots of people get killed on GoT, and lesbians get killed on television shows generally in very high numbers. Did the showrunners just put a target on Asha's back?

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