Facebook Introduces Birthday Videos, Making You A Lame Friend If You Only Write A Message

A new 15-second video feature spreads birthday love. Will you feel obligated to use it?

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Facebook is good for a lot of things. Connecting with old friends, stalking exes and best of all, keeping track of birthdays. The social media network is rolling out a new feature on how we can spread birthday cheer with 15-second videos. But will that make friends who merely write a quick birthday message seem lame or subpar or lazy?

Mashable shares that users will be able to record 15-second videos that can be shared to a friend's timeline. Various birthday-themed frames can be added for flair. The feature launches Monday on iOs. 

Here's how to make a video: Visit the profile page of your friend through the iOS app and select the banner video prompt where you would typically write a birthday message. From there, choose the option to record a video and share it on that person's wall. Mashable shares screenshots of what we can expect below.

Facebook has been increasingly promoting videos on its platform. Earlier this year, it launched a Friends Day montage to relive your favorite moments with your besties.


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