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Very Real

Fans Outraged After Kevin McCall Seemingly Threatens Chris Brown And Daughter Royalty

McCall has since explained his controversial comments.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt
8 Facts About Chris Brown

It looks like the drama between former friends Kevin McCall and Chris Brown is only getting worse.

The two men have been feuding for ages now, and last week, fans began speculating that the beef turned violent after McCall announced on Twitter that he'd been shot in the foot.

A number of fans initially speculated that McCall had accidentally shot himself in the foot, which the singer vehemently denied; he says someone else shot him in the foot as he was leaving a convenience store, but he's declined to name names. When fans began theorizing that McCall's longtime enemy Chris Brown was behind McCall's injury, he reacted strongly, to say the least, and even brought Brown's 3-year-old daughter Royalty into the drama.

"Chris Brown and his Seed would be in a Casket if he had anything to do with me being shot," he wrote on Twitter. "STOP playin with rumors Or I can't promise CB will make 29! I kept him alive 7 years now in L.A. don't take the humbleness u see in me as weakness."

"Chris wouldn't have a head to tattoo," he continued, referencing CB's recent Mortal Kombat-inspired ink.

Though he later deleted his tweet, a number of fans were livid at McCall's comments.


The singer was dealt a ton of backlash online, which he responded to with a lengthy series of tweets on Saturday.

"I don't see wat I said wrong. The Bible says and eye for and eye," he wrote. "Chris didn't do it so don't bring his name up in my life and death situation because you playing with gossip but L.A ain't a game. I didn't threaten anyone I told you how life would play out. I saved him hella X's."

"It's what people have [tried] to do in the past the person who shot even tried to kill him for 500$ and I fought him for it," he continued. "So if someone does Kill me for what I said..again it's gonna harm a lot of people for a long time don't try to make CB look Gangster clown me & leave CB be."

"Everybody should be cool. Don't get nobody hurt we tryna stay alive for our kids," he went on. "You can shame me BUT do NOT spread rumors about INNOCENT people who aren't involved because I'm getting calls by the minute who want blood and it's just EVIL f*cc that sh*t."

"[The] only time I would mention @chrisbrown and ROYALTY in the same sentence is the 3 million dollars in #ROYALTIES he owes me for look at me now/other songs he removed my name/credit on because I was un-educated and un-protected contractually- I don't promote EVIL so self reflect," he added.

McCall went on to claim that he loves Chris and Royalty so much that he would kill for them, writing, "People I know threaten to kill me every other day lol—-they offer to Kill people they THINK i beef with not knowing it secretly makes them my enemy because I LOVE CB and his child and would kill for them—-so I call my self keeping enemies closer and It BIT my a** —well my Foot."

You can check out more of McCall's tweets below.

[Photo: Getty Images]