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Very Real

‘Fat Mexicans!’: White Sisters Arrested After Shown Attacking Latina Mother And Daughter On Video

Sisters Natasha and Shala Fross were caught in a series of videos harassing Latina women.

By Samira Sadeque
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Two white sisters who apparently attacked a Hispanic woman and her mother in Commerce City, Colorado in a video that went viral last week were arrested and are facing charges of biased-motivated crime, third-degree assault, and third-degree criminal trespassing.

Natasha and Shala Fross, identified by Denver-based TV station KDVR, were taped in a series of videos by Carlos Ruiz and his neighbors as they apparently attack his sister. The alleged assault on his mother is not available in the videos posted on Ruiz’s Facebook last Tuesday, a single post that has since been shared more than 16,000 times. The attack took place on May 7, Ruiz told Oxygen.com, which is when he says the sisters were also arrested.

“My mom was walking back home from the neighbor’s home when they ran up to her and attacked her,” said Ruiz to Oxygen.com. He wrote on the Facebook post that they “started punching her and pulling on her hair” when she was on her way home.

That is when his sister, who wishes to stay anonymous, came out of the house to help their mother and was attacked by the Fross sisters.

“I felt that intervening could get me in trouble because something could go wrong and I didn't want to hurt anyone,” he told Oxygen.com. “I am a DACA recipient and any sort of trouble I get in could really affect me.”

In one video, which Ruiz says was recorded by a neighbor, one of the sisters is seen initiating a fight with Ruiz’s sister.

“Back off...old ass fat b*tch!” she screams at Ruiz’s sister, while trying to hit her. As the victim tries to defend herself, a fight ensues.

In another video, recorded by Ruiz himself, one of the girls is heard taunting the victim and the bystanders that the cops would not believe them.

One of the girls screams, “Look at yourself! Compared to me — who are you? Who are you to us? All of you?”

The victims in the video appear worried, anxiously looking around while waiting for the police.

The sisters continue to scream as the cops pull up on the street. Their comments vary from “Y’all are too fat for parole” to “Fat Mexican b*itches!”

“This is not looking good for you,” the officer warns the sisters, repeatedly asking them to go wait at their house.  

The sisters refuse to do so. They were eventually arrested on the spot, Ruiz told Oxygen.com.

“Officers did a great job,” said Ruiz, who is satisfied with the police response. “They served great!”

[Photo provided by Ruiz family]