Feminism Is On The Rise For Gun Lovers... Wait, What?

“People don’t take female hunters as seriously because hunting has kind of always been a male-dominated sport." Is that feminism we hear? 

By Jazzi Johnson

Three teen girls— Marina Liedtka (15), Madison Mathes (17), and Amanda Mazzeo (17)— say their biggest concern as American citizens and feminists is their right to bear arms.

Feminism, a word I generally associate with leftists in American politics, has expanded to the opposite side of the spectrum. In an interview with Teen Voices, theses young women's opinions are strong and clear: “People don’t take female hunters as seriously because hunting has kind of always been a male-dominated sport,” said Amanda. 


“We all want to keep our families safe,” continued Madison. “God forbid, someone comes at us with a gun or a knife or something, we have to protect ourselves somehow. So, having guns with us helps us." This point in particular makes it difficult to oppose their views when you take into account the rise in violence against women as of late. 

I can’t say for sure whether or not the rise in feminism on the right is a new thing, but the rise in female hunters by 25% in only five years is certainly an indication. Furthermore, Kelly Oliver, author of the appropriately-titled forthcoming book, Hunting Girls, says the number has yet to stagnate or decline.

But this allegiance to feminism on the right isn't necesarrily falling out of the blue sky. Sarah Palin caused a few eyebrows to scream last year after aligning herself with feminists at a women's college convention.

“The empowering truth that ‘women don’t need government to succeed,'” Palin said, “reminds our next generation that they don’t need ‘big brother’ for success, any more than they need a man for fulfillment, any more than a fish needs a bicycle. That's the message of genuine feminism, and I’m heartened to see conservatives return to our roots and live it.”

The most surprising thing wasn’t that Palin correctly quoted a slogan popularized by Gloria Steinem, but that the words ‘feminism' and ‘conservatives' were used in the same sentence. It seems to be a growing trend, especially when you take a look at these three teens. While they admittedly have yet to decide whether they favor Ted Cruz over Donald Trump or vice versa, they say both ring truer to their beliefs than Hillary Clinton who has been a strong advocate against the NRA.

“If Hillary gets into the office, most people are going to say women aren’t supposed to have guns,” Marina expressed. Now the question is, as liberal feminists, are we to be happy that women of all backgrounds are speaking up for themselves and demanding equality, or should we oppose, given its counter stance to our call for safety and stricter regulation laws? 

We’d be hypocrites to protest women who are courageously equating themselves to men, right? Right?!! My head hurts.

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