Floorsweeper Fashion Is Totally Unwearable...And Celebrities Love It

Don't bother trying to wear this trend unless you want to fall flat on your face.

Fashion doesn't care about regular people. The hottest silhouette this season is floor-length. Beloved by celebrities like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, floorsweeper fashion—super long coats, dresses and pants—is totally unwearable.


The Guardian gives Rihanna props for starting the trend with her 2015 Met Ball dress. The yellow Guo Pei dress was long, long, long and basically needed its own handlers. Since then, celebrities have been spotted running around town in their floorsweeper looks. The Kardashians basically live in long coats, no matter the season, at this point. Fashion designers like Balmain and Celine have sent it down the runway as well.

 Although these long trains do have a certain airy elegance, it’s impossible not to get them dirty or worse, trip on them and fall flat on your face. Of course, stars rarely have to walk anywhere. The publication notes that floorsweeper fashion is best suited for people who live that “hotel to car” life. That point is particularly important for most.

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