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#FlotusBars Imagines The First Lady As A Master MC

Best. Hashtag. Ever.

Michelle Obama proved that she's got bars when she unexpectedly dropped a music video "Go To College" earlier this week. Twitter took it to a whole new level though, and within hours #FlotusBars was trending nationwide, with users writing hilarious lyrics for the First Lady and sharing them under the hashtag. Here are 7 verses that are so good, you'll wish Michelle Obama really was pursuing a rap career.

1..  *Mic Drop*

2..  Get it, Michelle!

3..  Michelle being a total boss:

4..  Michelle Obama: Hottest rapper in the game?

5..  Watch out, Drake - Michelle is coming for your spot.

6..  Every other rapper should just quit now.

7. .  Bow down to the queen.

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