Floyd Mayweather Explains Why He Has 7 Girlfriends

Mayweather has his own brand of logic.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Why have one girlfriend when you could have...seven? That seems to be Floyd Mayweather's logic, anyway.

In a recent Awkward Puppets interview, Mayweather sounded off on his personal life, explaining that he has copious amounts of money (a few hundred million, to be exact) and a harem of women in his life.

When asked how many girlfriends he has exactly, Mayweather responded, "I don't know, I'm probably about seven deep."

"We go out to eat, some of us travel together. Having one is too close to having none," he explained.

I guess if you're Floyd Mayweather, that reasoning kinda sorta makes sense? Then again, this is the same guy who later defended Donald Trump's "p*ssy grabbing" comments, so can we really be surprised? Check out the interview below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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