Football Fans Find Love In The ESPN Comments Section

Love is just a sports rant and a click away.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Can sitting in front of your computer and fighting with total strangers lead to true love? Apparently so. Two fans of University of Michigan football say that they met on and are now married.

Newlyweds Kate Queram and Brandon Wagoner (a.k.a. bleu_girl_04 and AAWolv in the ESPN comments section) originally met while discussing Michigan football in 2012. Commenting on the big game was their version of dating. “I liked him right away,” Kate tells BuzzFeed Life. “He was funny and flirty and he could spell, and he was, of course, a Michigan fan. He made me laugh, and every time I logged on, I hoped he would be there.” 

The two attended the University of Michigan seven years apart. “I was immediately struck by how hilarious and fun she is,” Brandon says. “Beyond that, I didn’t think that anything serious would occur, because, well, we were commenting. Their back-and-forth became so frequent and flirty that others began calling them a “blog couple.”

Brandon jokingly “proposed” by uploading a picture of a Michigan 1997 Championship ring to the comments. They made it official this year and yes, they played “The Victors” at the ceremony.

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