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Forget Ghosting, "Mooning" Is The New Way To Be A Terrible Dater

Thanks to technology, there's a new way to be mean while dating.

If you thought ghosting while dating was scary, you haven't been mooned. "Mooning" is the new way of rejecting someone and it's pretty terrible.

"Mooning" isn't about pulling your pants down; it's when you silence someone you don't feel like dealing with. On the iPhone, it's represented by the crescent moon icon, which is where the name comes from. GQ shares that the "iPhone’s Do Not Disturb mode silences everyone but you can mute people in group texts, as well as individual people if you want them to shut up for the time being."

By hitting Do Not Disturb, you avoid receiving texts or calls from that not-so-special someone. The worst part? They have no idea that you're so over them. Unlike blocking, mooning isn't noticeable by the person getting mooned. The poor sap just keeps reaching out while you enjoy silence.

The article points out that there are legit reasons for mooning, such as a major life event or crazy work deadline. However, "in practice, people moon for less urgent (and not entirely kind) reasons: it’s a way to ignore your friends’ texts without their knowledge, simply because you don’t feel like dealing with their shit."

Let's be honest: You're mooning (or being mooned) because you're just not that into them.

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