Former NBA Star Pops Off On Guy Who Compares Serena Williams To Gorilla

Stephen Jackson didn't take it lightly when a man compared the black star athlete to killed gorilla, Harambe.

By Eric Shorey

Man, the sh*t straight white dudes say to each other when they think no one is listening is straight up terrifying. Take, for example, some guy at former NBA star Stephen Jackson's gym. Bro decided to crack a lame racist joke within earshot of the legendary athlete. Good thing Mr. Jackson ain't got time for that.

In a video posted to Instagram, Jackson narrates the story of a man jokingly comparing Serena Williams -- the highest-paid female athlete and universal badass -- to the recently shot and highly-publicized gorilla, Harambe. Luckily, Jackson confronted the racist head on.

"So I'm just getting out of my workout. I was in the gym, right? And some older white man started talking about the gorilla that got shot at the zoo... And the white man says, 'What, they shot Serena? Oh, Serena got shot?' and started laughing. So- should I say something or should I just let it go? Ya'll know me better than that." Press play below to hear what Jackson said to the man.

#StephenJackson stands up for #SerenaWilliams

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Damn straight. I kind of want to listen to Stephen Jackson tell me stories all day now. 

Now, let's watch Serena pelt a hater with a tennis ball.

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