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Future Said Jay Z's 'Reasonable Doubt' Wasn't Hot Until Tupac And Biggie Died

Barbershop drama.

Watching Future argue with a bunch of dudes in a barbershop about Jay Z’s "Reasonable Doubt" is surprisingly cute. I thought it would be a heavy argument, with Future actually dragging Jay Z, but everyone is enthralled by the generational differences in their Top Five rappers. Hot New Hip Hop saw that music executive Steve Stoute shared clips on Instagram of himself hanging with Hot 97’s Ebro, Lebron James, James Harden, and Future on Wednesday. The room is momentarily stunned when Future says that before Biggie and Tupac died, no one cared about Jay Z’s album.

He states, “It wasn’t hot until they died. Nobody really was jamming it. It’s flames.”

When this naturally raises objections, he qualifies that the album was (and is) great, but it hadn’t sparked interest.

“Like it’s hard, it’s a classic, but I’m saying at that time. It’s like your classic album, they always go back for your classic album. When Nas dropped his first album, it was great then. Like when ‘I Ruled the World’ came out, it was the best then. You had to go back and listen to Reasonable Doubt. That’s his best sh*t ever.”


If this argument gets you worked up, you may enjoy the subsequent goss sesh:


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