Gabby Douglas Hasn't Been To The Gym Since November But She Can Still Do Flips


By Aimée Lutkin

What do Olympic gold medal winners do after the Olympics? Sometimes they go back to win more gold medals, but eventually even that gets old. In an interview with US Magazine, Gabby Douglas says she hadn’t even been to the gym since November, and was wondering if she’d even remember what to do.

She says, “I did a flip and I was like, ‘I didn’t know I was going to do it.’ And my mom was like, ‘You’re always going to have it. It’s going to be second nature.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, you’re right!’ But you forget that sometimes.”

One thing she hasn’t been doing is hanging with her the rest of her famous gymnastics companions. Douglas doesn’t have anything negative to say about Simone Biles or the rest of the women’s squad, but she gently reminds us all that going to the Olympics was both a dream and a job, and the girls all live in different places. She says, “We’ve known each other because we’ve been training and competing against each other for a long time, but after the Olympics, it’s kind of like everyone scattered. People are not contracted to stay together, we’re just there for a job and then everyone kind of does their own thing.”

Douglas was subject to a lot of harassment online, and still posts about the negative comments occasionally on social media:


But she says it’s improved slightly, or at least her feelings about it have. She says, “It’s gotten a lot better because I was like crying every day because of people and it’s gotten a whole lot better. Now, versus Rio, I’m just mentally in a better spot, and when I even see some comments, I’ve got to just fight the urge not to comment. At that moment, you just have got to take the high road and that’s what I’m doing.”

Besides, it doesn’t really matter what haters say. Gabby Douglas will always be a winner.

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