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Gabrielle Union Is Getting Slammed For Giving Single Women This Advice

Is the backlash justified?

Gabrielle Union found herself on social media's bad side after snippets from an interview went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Union plays a divorcee in the forthcoming holiday film Almost Christmas, and in an interview with The Grio, she dished on how she thinks people can find love again.

"If your type hasn't worked for you in 40 years, guess what? Your type sucks," Union said in the full interview. "Time to change your type. Think outside the box! Maybe they're younger, maybe they're older, maybe they don't come in the shape or size or color that you assume they would come in."

"But there's so many dope people out there that if you open yourself up and get out of your own way, you're going to have a lot of options," she continued. "A lot more options than you think."

Sounds like pretty reasonable advice, but some on Twitter decided to come for Gabrielle over her relationship with husband Dwayne Wade — namely, that Union was accused of breaking up Wade's marriage. Union also got heat for reconciling with Wade after he fathered a child outside of their relationship, which people on Twitter didn't hesitate to bring up.

Pretty harsh, right? Union responded to the backlash via Twitter, writing, "If ur only gonna use snippets of an interview I give to incite hostility against me, at least let the ppl know about the WHOLE interview."

Do you think it was unfair of Twitter to drag Gabrielle?

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