Garlic Fries Are Headed To McDonald's...But There's A Catch

They're only available in one city.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Attention all french fry lovers (so basically everyone): McDonald's is about to rock your world.

The fast food chain is currently testing out a new twist on their classic french fries. Instead of the regular side item, customers in the San Francisco Bay area can now order something called "Gilroy Garlic Fries," which is made with delicious stuff like parmesan cheese and (duh) garlic.

The name comes from Gilroy, California, a city known as the "garlic capital of the world," Business Insider reports, and is from which the garlic is supplied for their new menu item.

"We're proud of the work done by local franchisees and the regional team to create this menu item with locally-sourced garlic, and we look forward to introducing Gilroy Garlic Fries to our customers in the Bay Area," said Michael Haracz, manager of culinary innovation at McDonald's USA.

The move is part of an overall effort by McDonald's to experiment more with adding regional food and flavors to its menus. So even though the Gilroy Garlic Fries won't be available everywhere, who knows what changes might be coming to your town?!

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